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Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise that originated in India. During a yoga session, participants practice breath control, meditation, and the adoption of different body postures. Practicing yoga has many benefits including and not limited to: stress and pain relief, increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, better mental focus, and metabolic health maintenance. Additionally, studies have shown that yoga can be used to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for weight gain and inflammation.

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Peaceful Heart Yoga & Mindfulness Classes with Terri Smith

Contact: 410.294.9997  or [email protected]

Gentle Mindful Yoga with Tim Hurley

Contact: 443-250-9576 or [email protected]

Chair Yoga

This Peaceful Heart lunch break class is the perfect opportunity for anyone to take a healthy mid-day break for their mind, body, and spirit. We will stretch/strengthen our body and calm our mind with our breath while using a chair as a prop. Traditional yoga poses are practiced while sitting and using the chair for stability to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. The class begins with an intention and ends with a final relaxation to relieve stress. Honor your body and join us for this inclusive class that shows us the way to a strong body, healthy mind, and peaceful heart!

Chair Yoga with Terri Smith

Contact: 410.294.9997  or [email protected]

4th Sunday Yoga Nidra Practice

Yoga Nidra is a guided practice that is experienced while lying comfortably still in a supported supine position (on your back) within a safe, quiet, and nourishing environment. During this time we are able to step away from the stories and patterns that are so deeply ingrained and create new pathways for healing, growing, and evolving.

Yoga Nidra with Tim Hurley

Contact: 443-250-9576 or [email protected]

Gentle Mindful Yoga 

This practice cultivates our innate ability bring calm, steady, receptive attention to all experience on the mat, from moment to moment and to meet whatever may be emerging as our practice experience – both internally and externally- with wisdom, skill, and compassion. The invitation to each practitioner is to develop this innate skill on the mat and take it into our everyday lives for an experience of more optimal living.

Whether you’re new to Yoga or seeking to complement your current practice, you’ll find this practice calming, centering, and a nourishing catalyst for re-encountering a deep innate reservoir of serenity, clarity, and presence.

Gentle Mindful Yoga with Tim Hurley

Contact: 443-250-9576 or [email protected]

Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness Class

Children ages 2-6, along with their parent/caregiver, will enjoy this fun and interactive class, which does not require prior yoga experience.  Yoga is introduced through music, dance, creative games, play, songs, and animated poses.

Peaceful Heart Yoga & Mindfulness Classes with Terri Smith

Contact: 410.294.9997  or [email protected]

Beginner’s Yoga & Mindfulness Class

Peaceful Heart Yoga beginner classes start with breathing techniques to calm the mind and relax the body. The fundamental principles of yoga are introduced through basic seated and standing poses, vinyasa flows, and breath coordinated movements. Classes are designed to increase flexibility, strengthen and relax tight muscles, improve core strength and posture, as well as, de-stress and still the mind to focus on the present moment. The class ends with a final relaxation to once again connect with our breath and meditate on the class intention. Students of all levels are welcome to attend. Props and modifications are encouraged so the practice is accessible to everyone. Ages 13 to 100+ are welcome!

Peaceful Heart Yoga & Mindfulness Classes with Terri Smith

Contact: 410.294.9997  or [email protected]

Yoga & Mindfulness for Stress Relief

This Peaceful Heart class is designed to help students reduce stress, pain, and anxiety, build confidence, find inner strength and learn skills to strengthen the body and calm the mind. Anxiety, chronic stress, and unresolved trauma adversely affect our mind, body, and soul. Terri is a Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor who provides students all levels with a safe, nurturing, environment where the healing process begins by increasing our awareness of the mind, body, breath connection and focusing on the present moment. It is a gentle and restorative class that uses stretching, yoga poses, breath-work, and meditation to let go of stress. Register for a class today to being your journey of healing for a calm mind, healthy body, and peaceful heart.