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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is not traditionally covered by health insurance. To make this approach more accessible to more people we offer the option of a Hybrid Membership model.  If you qualify for our Integrative Medicine Membership and we participate with your insurance plan, you will purchase the treatment package listed below and we will bill your insurance for your office visit. You will still be responsible for your copays and any deductibles that apply.  Specialty diagnostic testing and nutritional supplements are not covered under your program fee.  For non-participating insurances and for individuals that chose not to purchase the Integrative Medicine Program, the hourly rates for Functional Medicine are $300 per hour. Discounted membership programs are available for your Personalized Integrative Medicine Core Treatment Package.

  • A comprehensive Functional Medicine approach to Hashimotos thyroiditis, autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, gluten sensitivity and other gut related imbalances, and unexplained chronic symptoms.
  • Extended appointment times with our IFM Board Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.
  • Intensified lifestyle medicine team approach that includes access to all of our nutrition protocols including the diagnostic elimination diet, gut healing and detox protocol and a variety of functional medicine based nutrition protocols as indicated for your specific nutrition needs. All of our protocols are developed in collaboration with our FM Practitioner and a Registered Dietitian educated in Functional Nutrition.
  • A personalized approach navigated by your individual Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach (onsite and/or by phone, email).
  • Access to all of our core nutrition webinars.
  • Bonus (no charge): Access to all or our onsite seminars and lectures,
  • Access to our closed Facebook groups.
  • Lower Membership options are available for those interested in on-going support.
  • You may be able to use your Health Care Spending account to cover your program fees.

Monthly Membership Fees as Low as


Ozone Services

We are excited to now offer a full suite of Relaxation, Life Balance, and Yoga services at Optimal Wellness' most recent addition, the Ozone!